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The Mind Master–Back in 2007, Harvard University graduate Sean Sullivan was a clinical psychology doctoral student completing his research on how psychology and life coaching were being delivered over the Internet. He discovered major gaps and set out to address the problem.

Today, the future of brain training psychology for the Internet connected world is here. “Dr. Sean” is increasingly becoming the go-to psychologist coach for the rest of us–those of us who don’t go to therapy, but do want to use cutting edge psychology and brain science to realize our potential.

Dr. Sean’s online Mind Master Programs are based on the world’s latest neuroscience detailed in his book, The Mind Master’s Silent Journey, A 21-Day Road Map to Becoming Expert in Your Chosen Life.

He’s blended a unique stew of personal storytelling and brain science into a step-by-step online system to change the bad habits you’ve developed and maintain inside your head.

Unabashed in using his own life as an example, Dr. Sean actually shows you how we get in our own way. A distinct personal responsibility theme runs through the 21-day programs.

First, you uncover how and why you created your personal obstacles. Then, you walk through removing them from your life. The process is simple. But you don’t get off easy.

You choose what aspect of your life you want to focus on improving — lose weight, get fit, become happier, master your stress or anxiety, improve or heal relationships, quit smoking — or you can join the monthly group Health Challenge and define your own personal goal to master.

The programs include short daily videos you watch first thing in the morning on your smart phone, tablet, or computer. You’ll then complete your “Daily Ritual”– a mind and body exercise sequence that prepares your brain for your personal work for the day.

         You commit one hour each day for 21 total days of retraining your brain. It’s fine to take days or weekends off to fit your schedule.

The promise is that by the end of your 21-day program you’ve learned and practiced all the psychological tools and skills, and also implemented all the habits necessary to master your personal goal.

Dr. Sean’s unscripted, direct to camera videos are uncommonly personally revealing–especially in the world of professional psychology.

Marta Wegorzewska, a Ph.D. candidate in Developmental and Stem Cell Biology, completed her 21-day program focused on mastering stress and anxiety. She says, “It was like having a psychologist who is your close friend sitting beside you every day. It’s so helpful and it works. I’m a scientist. I saw results.”

You won’t set foot in a psychologist’s office or pay for a session. While Dr. Sean can be contacted at his private psychotherapy practice in San Francisco, The 21-Day Mind Master Programs are accessed online or in apps.

“The Mind Master and Be Your Purpose are do-it-yourself boot camps for your brain health and emotional intelligence. It’s important information to share,” Dr. Sean asserts. “I’ve always given the book away for free in the apps. I want it to be available to as many people as possible.”

He’s well on his way. New York Jets Quarterback, Mark Sanchez, has commented, “Dr. Sullivan is a game changing new voice in the psychology of peak performance.”

Mr. Sanchez is not the only one taking notice. In 2012, The Mind Master’s Map became the #1 Self Help Books app on iPad. You can now download the free iPhone app and free iPad app versions of the 21-day programs.

The Mind Master is now also collaborating with health and wellness conscious organizations and employers to deliver Group Mind Master Programs led by Dr. Sean.

Ready to begin mastering you mind?

Are you ready to master your mind?